Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nov. 29, 2011

It happened at 9:00 on Tuesday night.  Sue had just finished teaching her Book of Mormon class with some ladies in her ward at home.  She started complaining of a terrible headache and passed out.  Luckily she had some friends there that caught her and laid her down.  She was not breathing very well on her own, they called 911 and within minutes Brad was by her side and the paramedics had arrived.  They intubated her and took her to Lakeview Hospital.  From Lakeview she was moved by ambulance to The University of Utah Hospital to see a Neuro surgeon.  They took a CT scan and found an aneurysm.  A surgery was done to remove a part of her skull to help relieve the pressure and allow the swelling to have somewhere to go.  She is in the Neuro Intensive Care unit and has some fantastic doctors and nurses.  Although she is still unconscious she is stable.  I went in to see her today and while I was there the nurses did a neurological test to see how she responds to stimulus.  After quite a few sternum rubs, pokes, and pinches they were able to get her to wiggle her toes and squeeze the nurses hand.  She also tried a few times to open her eyes and moved her right arm to push the doctors hand away.  Its hard to believe it hasn't quite been 24 hours and she has already been through so much.  We had some encouraging signs today but we are very far from out of the dark.  She is a strong woman and has a great fight ahead of her.  Please continue praying for her.