Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Update

*I think this post was origianlly done by the relief society in Sue's ward. I wanted to add it to this blog just in case any readers weren't aware of Sue's great progress:

All of the prayers in Sue's behalf have been heard by our
Father in Heaven.
It was a very happy day on Wednesday,
December 21st.

Sue defied all the odds
and was able to come home!

Look at that smile on her face!

She worked her tail off in therapy, so the Doctors decided she
could come home under the care of her ever
doting, wonderful husband Brad.
He will be doing her therapy with her at home
for the next couple of weeks.
In the meantime they will wait for the swelling to subside the rest of the way. Then the doctors will be able to go in and replace the bone flap in her head.
Following that she will continue therapy for a few more months.

We have witnessed a true miracle in our midst.
From the doctors saying "not much hope", to
being able to walk, talk and move in such a miraculously short time, reminds us that the power of the priesthood is real.

We are so blessed to have that knowledge
and power to bless our life's.

It is an incredible day for Sue to get to be home and sleep in her own bed!
It's the best Christmas present ever!

*We ask that you still be respectful of her need to do therapy and rest.
You can send a note of encouragement or leave a message on the blog in the "post a comment box" below.
Sue has been so touched by the outpouring of love
and support from all of you.


  1. Hooray for you Sue!! Of course, I wouldn't anything less than this from you--working as hard as you can and need to in order to recover. I appreciate the updates on this blog.

  2. yay Sue! You are amazing,! Merry Christmas to you and your family. -Mary Evans Hellstrom

  3. Sue, it was so great to see you yesterday. You are such a amazing person, we wish you the best.

  4. Dear Sue,
    I am so happy with your progress. You are a miracle and my sweet daughter. I have loved coming out with Tina to visit you. I can't believe you were able to go to church..that is a miracle in and of itself. I have the picture of you and your sisters when we came home from our trip to Hawaii..all tan and happy...and I look at it everyday and think how happy I am to be your father. Now, I look at Marcus and his three daughters and relive what it was like having my three daughter when you were young. I am grateful for Brad for being such a great caregiver and husband. You have been blessed with the love of good friends, family and your brothers and sisters...and of your loving father. Im so thrilled with your recovery. Love, Dad