Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dec. 4, 2011

Mom is surprising everyone with her progress. While we are reminded to not forget what may happen in the coming week, we can't help but celebrate the miracles we have seen.

Yesterday Mom asked for water among a few other things she needed. It is such a thrill to hear her quiet voice say anything!  She even asked me how long until I have to go home.

A definite highlight was when we saw her personality come out in a little sarcasm.

She has done well answering many questions to see if she knows her name and where she is.

The nights are rough as she tries to pull at the many tubes and wires she's connected to or scratches at the staples in her head.

Dad is, as I'm sure you'd imagine, a valiant protector of all that is good for mom. From turning away visitors to choosing music for her to listen to, he has not left her side. His love for her has never been more evident.

He is draws strength from the well wishes by text, email, or on this blog. Knowing of the prayers offered for our family has really touched him, and all of us.

We love you MommaJo.


  1. Brad, We just heard about Sue and wanted to let you know of our thoughts and concerns. We have known each other for so long and I have memories of Sue since Jr High. You have been so kind to our family, especially Marc, and want you to know that all the giving and service that you and Sue have given has not been unnoticed. Sue is a strong family who is devoted to her family and is not about to give up.
    The Fenwicks

  2. Brad & Sue:

    We are so encouraged to hear of Sue's progress. So many are anxious to witness her healing process. So many people love and respect you and Sue. Our prayers and thoughts are directed to heaven for people who have served so many.

    Love Scott & Stana

  3. I think my dad got a username just to write on this blog. That says a lot.

    Marie, I am so glad you are able to be here with your family. You've been on my mind from the moment this situation began.

    How tender it must be to witness your Dad's love for your Mother. It reminds all of us of the eternal nature of our covenants.

    You all continue to be in our prayers morning and night. Sometimes it sucks that it is in our extremities that we come to truly know God but we have indeed found that to be the case. May you be encircled by the peace and comfort that only He can provide.

    Amanda Kjar Wilkinson

  4. Green family...
    We are thinking about you and you are in our prayers!
    We love you guys, what an amazing family you are, Sue is so lucky to have such a great support system to draw on at this hard time.
    We are pulling for you Sue...You are the strongest person I know!
    Love always,
    Dusty & Dena Jacobs

  5. I am so happy to hear things are improving. Your entire family is on my mind everyday! Sue is an amazing beautiful woman and she is in my prayers daily. I'm happy you're posting updates, she is on my mind a lot. Good luck & we'll continue to pray for her & your family.

  6. Brad and Family-
    So glad to hear of the progress as of late.
    We are praying for Sue and the entire family.
    I am so grateful to your family for always making me feel welcomed.
    You will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love you all.

    -James and Whitney Sukhan

  7. Keep going strong, Sue! You're in our prayers.

    Jake Bastian

  8. Dear Sue & Brad,

    Delighted to learn Sue is progressing! Having known Sue for 50+ years I know she is strong and capable of enduring this challenge. She comes from a great family and obviously now has a great family of her own. Sue, Brad and the entire family are in our thoughts, prayers and fasting.

    With faith,

    Dave Briggs

  9. Green Family -
    We are so happy to hear that Sue is improving. I am brought to tears reading about her amazing recovery! You have all been in our thoughts and prayers over the last several days. Sue has one the of the strongest and sweetest spirits I know. Best wishes in the coming days and weeks.

    Much Love,

    Mitch and Alison Johnson

  10. Dear Sue and Sue's family,
    I'm sure I speak for the entire Viewmont High School Class of 1971 when I wish you all the best. All our best thoughts for your health and recovery go with you.
    Best wishes,
    Dave Wright

  11. 5 years ago Sue gave Aiden a pair of Pj's. They have past through each of my kids. I just packed them away a couple of weeks ago when they became to small. And I was thinking of Sue. How wonderful she is. And how beautiful.
    I am so sad to read about what has happened but very encouraged by her progress! It doesn't surprise me. It's Sue for crying out loud! She is so amazingly strong. We are all praying for you Sue, Brad and Family.
    Much love to you all. Megan and Tyson Andersen and fam

  12. I heard she took a couple of steps today, which is unbelievable. Way to go Sue!
    Sue has been an incredible caregiver this past it's time we all take care of her. I'm so proud to be her brother and love her so much. thanks to Amy for starting this blog. Upward and onward soupy doop.

  13. From what I know of Sue she is a very giving, creative person. She has been a good friend to my mother and my family. I want Sue to know that I have a testimony of the power of fast and prayer. I have been blessed to see miracles occur with fasting and praying. So many people have fasted and prayed for you including me and my little family. I am sorry you have this trial, your trial will be a faith builder for others. We love you Sue and wish you the best in your recovery.