Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dec 7, 2011

Its been one week.  Sue has made some amazing progress in the last seven days.  We have truly witnessed miracles and have been blessed immensely.  Yesterday she took a little walk down the hall, sat up in a chair for a few minutes, and feed herself some food.  I visited with her last night, the last time I was able to see her was Friday, words cannot express how great it was to sit and talk to her and have her respond!  About 2 months ago she sent me home with a book that she read, we share a passion for reading and she is always sending me her recommendations.  I finally got around to reading it but I was never able to talk about it with her.  It bothered me,  I was worried that she wouldn't remember it.  We sat and talked about the book, she asked me questions about our cruise, we talked about her dogs, her trip to Arizona...I was so grateful to hear all the things she remembers!  So far she is remembering everything long term but her short term memory struggles a bit.  When we talk to her she mostly nods.  I think its pretty exhausting for her to talk but she makes an effort to say things to us and it always makes Brad smile.  He giggles at her little facial expressions and when she raises her eyebrows at some of the things he says.  She even has her "oh please" look back when Brad says something she thinks is lame.  He is so happy to have her here.  It is so fun to see her personality is still there.  We are so grateful for everyday we have with her and her amazing recovery.  Brad still has not left the hospital.  His goal is for him or one of the boys to be there every time she is awake. He doesn't want her to be alone.  He keeps telling her "Im never leaving your side."  Its been an exhausting task so far for the boys but everyone is dedicated to Brads goal and we know it will pay off.  When we left last night he was on his way to the cafeteria to buy her some ice cream.  He has loved pampering her and giving her treats (sometimes behind the nurses back!)  I read her your comments last night and she loved hearing them.  She remembers all of you and loves to hear your words.  Please keep them coming!


  1. We think about you both often and hope and pray you continue to improve each day.
    Becky & Jacob Shapiro

  2. I love hearing your progress Sue, it makes me smile and tear up. Please know my thoughts & prayers are with you constantly. You continue to amaze me with the things I am learning from you:) Hang in there GIRL, you are awesome! I love you!!! Thanks Amy and all of you for sharing this journey and updates. XO

  3. I am loving this blog, what a good idea this was. I think about sue and pray for her every day. It is so nice to hear how she is doing. Thank you.

  4. Sue, my family down to the youngest 6 year old is praying for you every day. We are so grateful for your miraculous road to recover and pray that it will continue without complication or set back. We love you and your great husband. God bless you! Love Daniel and Anne Smith

  5. We are all so excited to hear of Sue's progress and we pray that she will continue to mend and return home soon. Brad, again, you have shown us all by example what a true priesthood servant leader is and does. Your exemplary loving service is a beacon to all of us to follow. The Lord will sanctify both you and Sue for your selfless service. We serve whom we love and we love whom we serve and it continues to spiral up as we serve more.
    WE are referring all of our friends and classmates to see this blog.
    Love your friends,

    Scott & Stana

  6. Hi dear are so loved and here at the Bastian house we are joining our prayers with so many for you. You hopefully know how much you and your family are loved and supported. Your Morgan has been giving Jake updates and we have so appreciated them

    You are amazing and we are so thrilled to hear about your progress!

    God bless you...we know He is!

    love Dan and Deb

  7. Sue and Brad,
    Hope your are hanging in there! Our family remembers you in all of our prayers and we hope you can return home soon!