Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dec. 10th

Here is an update I received from Brad this morning:

Friday was a kind of level day for Sue, maybe slight regression in her healing. The medical folks call this 'waxing and Waining' and say it is perfectly normal for neurological injuries.

Her early morning examinations went well. She has been down graded to Q4 so she only gets the questions and answers and physical testing every four hours now. Her verso spasm tests continue to incrementally improve each day which is very good. Sue is receiving physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy every day and the Stroke Rehabilitation doctors and techs are starting to work with her. The speech therapy has really paid off because she can send me after hot chocolate and ice cream. ( three ice cream bars Friday )

The doctors are talking about getting her out of NCCU ( brain ICUS ) and into the Acute Care unit, but with her type of injury the patient has to stay in NCCU for fourteen days. But she is progressing so well they might make an exception.

The doctors decided to take the staples out of her head on Friday morning. DR. WALLY actually took them out on his rounds at 3:30 am on Saturday morning. It is kinda weird but time of day doesn't mean a lot in this unit. They are constantly on the go.

Friday Sue's surgeon Dr. Couldwell came by with Dr. Coon and discussed replacing the part of her skull they took out. The swelling still needs to go down in order to do this but it sounds like they may perform that surgery next week sometime. By the way when people talk about Dr. Couldwell usually they remind us that he is "the best Neurosurgeon on the Planet" . When they talk about Dr. Coon they remind us and anybody else that she is a genius. All the doctors and nurses and technicians in the NCUU are top guns as far as we are concerned. It is an impressive thing to witness these professionals at work. Incredible discipline, focus and dedication. I don't think they sleep, ever. Most all of them seem very young to me. So I guess that says where I am in life.

Sue's nurses from our original days in the really critical care section keep coming back to check on her and visit, some even on their days off. They have painted her nails and brought her matching games and puzzles to help her with her recovery. Sue is pretty easy to love and they are so sweet.

Sue loves to have the sweet letters and get well wishes she has recieved read out loud. Love has a great healing power.

Sue's sons continue to compete over time to look over her and I , with two of them in the room with us a lot of the time.It is real hard to get alone time with her right now. Besides that they readily tune me up if I am not treating her just right.

The daughters are all busy fussing over Sue and making sure her every wish is met. They are helping her with things at home, reviewing her Christmas lists and helping her stay up with life. They are determined to help keep Sue up to date and engaged. We are so blessed with our children.

A good deal of my time is spent as Sue's social secretary. Writing responses to the kind well wishes and comments she receives. Managing visitors that show up to see her. Just a reminder no visitors except family and clergy.

Love you all
Brad & Sue


  1. Kelly and I are grateful that you are sharing the up date of your mother and the insight to your DAD.
    We are so happy that she is making such great progress and with Dad there to encourage and comfort we can only believe that she will continue to improve.
    Again if there is ANYTHING we can do please let us know
    David and Kelly

    (Dave asked me to post this for him, Jared)

  2. We have been following the blog every day and got worried when we didn't see an entry for a few days. We know how focused you are on Sue's healing and care and pray for her healing so that's what's most important. We were so relieved to see in this last update that things are going well. Sue, you have so many people to live for who need your tender loving care and will be lost without you. We have been so touched to see how much Brad loves and adores you now more than ever. Your children, in laws, and especially your grand children love and revere you and are constantly praying that you will heal soon and come home to them. Sue, there are also many of us, your OOOOLD friends, who pray for your continued recovery so that we can enjoy you warm friendship and company. So many of your VHS 71 classmates are also lovingly thinking of you and following every detail of your recovery on this blog. We, ALL OF US, love you and and Brad, and are confident that you can recover and win this fight. So many prayers have ascended to heaven pleading for the Lord to heal you and bless you. Such is our prayer!!!! We need more of you and want you to hang in there.

    Scott & Stana

  3. Sue, I've been following your wonderful progress on this blog. (What a great idea! Thanks, Rick, for telling me about it.) I'm not at all surprised to hear how well you're doing. This remarkable improvement is exactly what I expected from you. With so many people who love you and your own amazing strength, you couldn't help but recover quickly. Our love and prayers are with you and your family.

  4. Thanks for the update Brad! it sure helps when I can't visit the hospital as much as i'd like to. These updates are so helpful. Thanks for taking care of my big sis.

  5. Sue, My prayers are with you and Brad. I hope all can go as well as possible and you can re-enter your fine life as soon as possible. Craig Mangus

  6. So happy to hear about the progress. You are amazing Sue. You are such an example and are very loved by an amazing family! We love you guys!