Monday, December 12, 2011

A Tender Word From Peter, Sue's Grandson

Hi, this is Marie, Sue's daughter.

I wanted to share with my family something Peter said tonight.  As I was doing the dinner dishes he was coloring at the kitchen table.  He looked up, full of emotion and said, "Mom, if I think about you being in the hospital and having your brain hurt like Nana's it makes we want to cry really hard like you do sometimes for Nana."

I was so touched at the empathy that his little 6 year old heart was capable of.  I know my kids have been worried as I have burst into tears when a friend shows up at my door to check on me.  Or, poor Rinda (8) who was in my bed the night of mom's injury, my husband McKay half way around the world in India.  She woke up several times that night to my sobbing and vocal pleading with Heavenly Father as I waited for texts and phone calls to come- holding my hand. These, added to the tender prayers and fasting from my older two kids has really shown me the great capacity of faith, understanding, and compassion that we are to learn from children and ultimately aspire to.

My mom's grand-kids adore her, for sure.  I am certain that their great desire for her recovery has been felt in heaven and surely been an underlying motivator for mom to improve and heal.

Looking forward to our next Skype session & much love from New Jersey, Nana!

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  1. Marie, I can't believe how hard this must be for you so far away. I have been praying for you and your whole family. Thank you for posting this sweet message.