Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dec 6, 2011

My dates are a little out of order here but I just got an email from Dad with a few things I didn't include. He has been so diligent in taking notes of her progress:

For the fist time today even doctors and nurses used the 'miracle' word.

She did physical and speech therapy. With assistance she walked 75 ft.

She is on normal diet and eating really well.

She is speaking unexpectedly well which her early prognosis indicated that this would be very unlikely. I am so grateful for this. What would life be without that sharp tongue of Sues.

She is worried about her Book of Mormon class ladies. Terry Salmon / friend ,family ,relief society president came and visited with her. They talked and put her mind at rest. For now.

Krischelle got in town from Phoenix and brightened sue up.

Seems like she really does her best when those she loves are in the room. She wants us all to feel good about all this.

What incredible care she is receiving. We are so thankfully to all their exceptional skills and talents but more importantly for their genuine kindness and personal  interaction. What I'm trying to say is that we love them for loving us.

There has never been a time when sue has been without one of her children (this includes Sue's daughter in laws) in her room 24/7. Usually there are more than one and sometimes they are all packed into her room until the hospital staff raises an eyebrow at us for bending the rules.

Another day of Sue defeating the odds. What a tough cookie.



  1. It makes me smile to know that you are doing great! Keep it up! You are an amazing person! You may not know me as well but I'm glad to know what kind of person you are! We need more people like you in this world. :)

  2. I can't read this blog without tears of joy and gratitude! Sue, I'm joyful that I wil continue to be taught by your example of love and charity. I have long admired your determination to exceed expectations, even more so now. I'm grateful for daily miracles in your progress and know they come as answers to many heartfelt prayers! To Brad and the rest of your family, we will continue to pray for you as you preside over Sue's recovery. We love you! Stan and Nancy

    warms my heart to read about the daily miracles happening with Sue's progress. It has strengthened my testimony about the power of prayer!

  3. Sister Green,
    My wife and I are thrilled to see how well you are doing. We just want you to know we love you and pray for a full recovery and know it is meant to be. Can't wait to see you back to the loving, helping others, non stop amazing woman you are. You are greatly loved and in all of our prayers!
    Nick and Carly Konecny

  4. Sue we think of and pray for you every day. We are so excited to hear of your daily progress. Excited, but not surprised. We've been thinking about our memories of you throughout the past week. There were a lot and they all mean so much to us. Many examples of charity and many times of laughs. Thanks for being who you are.
    Andrew, Heather, and Hazel Seely

  5. We are so happy to hear the great news. You have been in our thoughts and prayers and are so happy that miracles are taking place. What a great family you have around you and to help you through this. Love, Kyle and Heather Shupe

  6. Sue and the Green family!

    I check this blog everyday to hear of your progress! I wish I was living up there so I might be able to visit you and tell you that I know you may not know me very well but you have always been such an amazing example to me. Keep it up Sue we love you! And if there is anything, seriously ANYTHING I can do please call me (435) 772-5524. Love you Sue!!!

    Love Whitney Larsen Stucki

  7. I'm sending my warmest wishes to you, Sue. It has been years since I've seen you, but you'll always be in my heart as a special friend from early childhood through high school. It looks like you have an amazing family who love you like crazy and a strong network of friends to pull you through this. Know that prayers are being sent from long ago friends as well. Our small group of 13th ward girls were and are strong women and from what I can tell, have all become beloved mothers and grandmothers. I'm confident your inner strength along with the love of your family will result in your speedy return to good health.
    Your friend,
    Kathie (MacArthur) Renzhofer