Monday, December 12, 2011

Kids Perspectives:

Thoughts from Matt & Heidi's kids...

When Nana first went to the hospital I fasted for her and prayed. I felt good because I was doing a nice thing. It strengthened my testimony of fasting and praying because it was hard to do but I knew I was doing the right thing.

-Bradley Green, age 12

When I first found out that Nana had an aneurism, I got really worried. To help her get better I prayed, fasted and constantly thought of her. When I prayed and fasted I felt the spirit and knew that even if she went to heaven she would be comforted. When I found out she was improving I felt like celebrating. To cheer her up, I made her a poster in my spare time. Anybody who visits Nana is welcome to sign it. I love my Nana very much and I hope she feels better soon.

-Lauren Green, age 10

I prayed to Heavenly Father. I just love how she can talk now. I am gonna give her a book and I made it. I’m glad that she is feeling better. The best thing of all is she is the best person I know.

-Will Green, age 6

I love Heavenly Father and Nana. I pray for Nana every day.

-Owen Green, age 3

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  1. Yeehaw Sue!!! You go girl!! We continue to pray for your rapid recovery! Brad what an example of devotion and love to us all! You are both so blessed to have such a loving and devoted family who love each other so much.


    Scott & Stana