Friday, December 2, 2011

Dec 2, 2011

I just got word that her breathing tube is out! This is great progress for her, way to go mom!


  1. Hi Green Family! Give Sue huge hugs and kisses from us in Denver. We feel so far away and wish more than anything we were there with you. Keep the updates coming...we love you all.

  2. Prayers and hugs to Sue & the Green family from Santa Clara as well as Centerville! We love you Sue!

    Love Whitney Larsen Stucki, Jamie Larsen, Cheryl Larsen

  3. Your whole family has been in our every thought and prayer. We love you guys and consider the world a better place because of your lives. Our prayers will continue to penetrate the heavens in your behalf.
    All our love,
    Amanda Kjar Wilkinson and family

  4. That is awesome news! So grateful for your blog to keep us updated. I think about her all through the day. She is a strong determined women who works hard for what she wants. With such a close and loving family supporting her, and all the prayers from so many that love her, i know she can show us one of gods miricles and make it through this trial. I love her

  5. Our prayers are definitely winging upward for Sue and all of her family. She is a fighter, a wonderful Mother a great friend and former neighbor. We love you Sue and know you will fight with all your might.
    Rod and Cyndi Lawrence

  6. So happy to have a place to get updates about Sue. I was worried sick about her all day yesterday. There are many prayers and happy thoughts towards your family. Marie was a babysitter for our children when they were young. We love her!

    As Brad and Sue worked with the Young Adults, Sue was able to touch our daughter in a way that meant so much to me! We are grateful for the influence you have have over our family!

    Love and prayers!

    Debbie Hadlock

  7. Brad & Sue:

    We are all praying for Sue. We will do anything we can to help you and Brad. Hundreds if not thousands of prayers are being sent heavenward in your behalf and we know that your close family can weather any storm that comes. You are steadfast in your commitment to each other and to the Lord. We all know that He is very mindful of you all... And will be there when you listen for him. If anyone can pull through this Sue can! She will defy all the odds! You are loved by so many.